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by coma emilio

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    there is no bastard sadder.




rosary bead boy is father. quickly after haunted. 2006.


released December 3, 1982



all rights reserved


coma emilio Glasgow, UK

since 2002. or 2003. i can't remember and neither can you.

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Track Name: Arrhythm Against Ever After
i took a step towards to see what i'd become
it's a long time gone since august and the sun held together bones and made thoughts real
thoughts that we'd never die and feel the same
you're not to blame

it's just a moment. let go, don't hold it

just reflecting nothing all a black
a mess of hopeless essays wishing that you were back. i saw what you did see it messed me up
i should have went way before i was too much to look at and deal with, i hope you can't feel this
be somewhere safe and far away where i can't find you because the way of weak is my ever after home
i'm better breathless but alone

it's just a moment. let go, don't hold it

nobody knows the sick-head wreck i am, destroying everything like only i can. the leave-alone has written off and left things to say to keep her here you'll have to guess what they might be just guess what they might be. a sun reflecting sea, reflecting planets you and me. i want to make things seem smaller than they are. i want to forget that this wound will stop my heart. i want to feel nothing at all and just be like all the other kids looking at me. i want to show you the reasons why i do. i want to practice some more so i can undo the wrong things. jewel tins an bee stings

it's just a moment. let go, don't hold it
Track Name: Let's Change the Sames In Case Things Stay
stop right now while she's still there. a step too far and she can't care. her head's all spent, her heart won't mend. follow you'll not and you can't send letters to the lost she's found herself in.
times a sinking rock to we're both bound.
i remember when i saw her. the earth was spinning and i was taught the things that haunt you aren't the do's but don'ts. how i long to leave these broken bones behind. to one day find a track to die come back and i'll fix your heart and make you start to see what all along was there. teach tired eyes to care. forget about not fair. just never dream to touch. i'm far away and such a darkness to your light
Track Name: 17 He
wake up falling but i'm still here
a week of falling to keep her near
i'm weak and falling all over home
nobody loves you when you're alone
arms aren't reaching out because you'll break
in two for you help meant to take

only way out of here

this i guess is a retreat
hiding hard but not a defeat
graciously giving up god's ghost
a spectre he neglected the most
i'm not bitter about this pill
i'm just bitter that i can't kill my me, me my.
Track Name: Acapitan Turner
i once heard a story that you were not dead
you were just hiding and could hear everything said
you laughed as they missed you and wanted you back
but there's nothing you could do to untake the pact
not with the devil but with yourself
"she's better off without me. i just made her life hell"

far beyond the light and dark is not where you are
dwell deep in normal sleep safe underneath the stars
watching sometimes wish you hadn't ever been so brave and summoned up all you had just to catch her gaze

"i'm sorry that i started a thing i couldn't stop. you see before i met you i didn't have a lot. my nights were cold and empty and all my fights were fought. i'm sorry that i started a thing i couldn't stop.
who knew you'd be so perfect?
who knew i'd be so not?
who knew you'd be so perfect?
who knew i'd be so not?"
Track Name: Amber
amber, amber leading planes to land these lights are home

i want to show you streets, go dancing in the art school with the chess board at our feet
after, we'll take the backroads down the hill and i'll show you the college where the pointless time i killed
the underpass of broken glass is where i'd stop and maybe ask if it's okay to be this way
and hold your hand across the motorway
a great western to trek to home, i've been here countless times alone. we'll shortcut through the qmu, i'll find those steps and sit with you where my first kiss came late and this young boy shook like a leaf in wind, her low-cut jeans wrapped around her hips.

amber, amber leading planes to land these lights are home. amber, amber the streetlights are awake we're not alone
Track Name: Done Somehows
you were in my dreams again last night
woke up and where you'd gone i know it won't be far
all i ever said was wrong. i'll never be that strong
waiting for the light, carry to the lift
all i would hope that you don't forget all the things you didn't know. if i do die tonight i want you to know one thing that i can't sing to you. so listen to the guitar.
please now.
please somehow
please now.
somehow i did die.