Hiss and Hearse

by coma emilio

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started before sickness, late 2004. finished during, 2005


released December 3, 1982



all rights reserved


coma emilio Glasgow, UK

since 2002. or 2003. i can't remember and neither can you.

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Track Name: Dumb Machines and The Songs Too Cared For
(paragraphs sang at same time)

from a distant place a mind did change
the 11th hour type of strange
feeling in bones heading the way
of idiots without guts to say
or do the truths etched in their heads
you were a library full of contradicting texts
so when i read between the lines you laid
it felt like being blindfolded in a maze
it meant my blinkered hazy view
had it's heart set on roads far,far from you

wasted station stops later i've lost desire of
nailing mistakes to a cross. your colours bright
my desert found. i've been reborn to retread
the ground i first tripped on and shatterred bones
i want you to see me in these clothes, brand new
shirt, shoes. i swear i'm different, not just
attire but the whole way i'm thinking.
've heard the rumours that you're dead...
Track Name: Headache Vest
you wear the heart.
i wore a headache vest right from the start
beat me up all the way
you wear the heart.
i wore a headache vest right from the start
i tried too hard
you seen the best bad thing i could ever do
you saw the start of my downhill fall
i said 'i won't believe in it'
you wear the heart
i wore a headache vest right from the start
you never saw...
Track Name: Sleeper and Mindreader
as the last breath left a scared chest... flat out back on concrete floor. he asked the angels to do their best to carry a message to your door. with the sharp exhales went a million thoughts and not a single one of stopping blood. eyes flicker, thats a river too late to be crossed. i could do with a celestial touch

when i was awake i had forever to take the chances
but i stocked up on sleep and the stillness
of feet too scared for dances
hear me hopefully clearly
believe me i wanted to stand, face the rain
take the hits but hobble away your man

my story left me in a difficult spot
and for things to work i had to believe in gods and their magic i pray that they've got to deliver a trinket for me. a picture of the second summer we shared and to tell you not to worry about me. afraid but not cold because i know you cared. i hope this works it's just a shame i wont see
Track Name: Throwing Rocks At Water
throwing rocks at water, there were eyes fixed on her but she didn't speak
sinking stones had taught her quiet was the daughter of bullets bitersweet
three years gone in time but not one inch moved in minds tied tight forever
by binds made of nights untouched by bruises, frowns and cuts.
nothing could ever stop

steep breaths climb walls others have fallen off
not us, ours is a place to be forgot
shaking, i never saw you shake like this
how i wish you weren't the one who found me lifeless

please don't stop here, though you might want to
where light there's shadows i'm sure i taught you
take in what views are. they're not forever
don't fret a small word such as together

i've been sitting on your shoulder, watching you get older but not growing up
i know it's hard in mud to move your flesh and blood but faith can lead to luck
a leap sometimes is needed to break cylces repeated that are free of sense
Track Name: Ballad for Camera
when you cry your tears don't look real enough
i've seen crocodiles break down with more panache than that wooden stuff
the line in the script marked 'the end of the world'
says the sky falls and at which point your characters hurled back into his past where troubled trees stem from insecurities, abandonment and unfairgrounds he slept on

there are reasons some shots wont work
there are reasons the limelight hurts
area you eyes up to the glare
taking directions and being stared at
will need a map when you have to fall
you're getting shot
lifes's a heroes ball for cinderella and suitors
exempt from all because parades don't suit us.

have you figured out the method yet
what is my inspiration
he's a bit part player who helps the arc
so don't fret with perspiration
we call you when we're ready to shoot you close ups
right now it's the scene where the hero soft-focus fucks the princess in the garden of eden
she rides the serpent and it's pussy, not apples she's eating.
Track Name: Radio Iceland (Ballad Knew Better)
i'd forgotten about while standing around retracing steps that there was a diary page
a flashbulb, a spark got a hold of me and a smile cracked the face. so to where but the attic a haven for magic my legs carried curious thoughts
i read it one tuesday then stopped but then you said 'lets go they'll be waiting for us'
so it went to bed dreaming of being read too with nightmares of gathering dust
awaken from slumber in june almost summer you never spoke the way you wrote but the words
but there was the problem, the ghostbusters call them i'm a melody-less music-less ghost
the guitars been burdened and haunted uncertain it's fear not pressure that's hurting the most

how could i possibly know which way you wanted to go? with chords and the strum and the nervous hum of vocal lines drawn in the dark

your friends all knew nothing of this poetic humbling book of feelings you had........................... and just brushed aside the teenage of being like that
but pressure it dented and in some sick way prevented you from being all you could be
Track Name: Radio Iceland (Live From a Bedroom Meant for Invisible)
i don't want to leave, i dont want to wake
please tell me how to stay
to just once touch your face
but i can't see my hands and the sky looks like it's fake

all these little town hideouts i've been round and round and found nothing at all
your trail's turned cold i've almost given up
but then i remember feeling so warm i'll never need to breathe again

wanting to bottle the unatainable will always follow me. my heart on a leash, a stray dog running through wet streets i will find you

i recognise this room, why'd you take me here?
i'm forgetting you can't speak
i really want to steer towards the light serene
but this isn't my dream