Rambled Bits

by coma emilio

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2006 or 2007.


released December 3, 1982



all rights reserved


coma emilio Glasgow, UK

since 2002. or 2003. i can't remember and neither can you.

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Track Name: The Gall of Gods Gone
dawn is a lie
Track Name: Echo Tesser
we erasing
we heard the car
it goes
we reeling
true lies
feel deep in
we were at least something
we were at least something
we were at least something
if anything ever aligned we got our way we sure had time
we were at least something
we were at least something
if anything ever aligned
we got our shot
we got a time
you be
Track Name: Gin Janny
we are in some breaking broke hold breaking lungs
these the real steps by i skipped stones and split my head. you in class far away from my butterfly stitch scar

i get so lonely way up in the

i've changed you've not, where gone surprises? dot dot dot. would they be proud of our tread to/froms ways allowed? you in class far away from my butterfly stitch scar

all you see is gone gone gone
Track Name: Of Not Now and Nearly
blow wind blow through the railing round the school
find the classroom where she sits and make me less invisible oh to eyes, because they look straight through. oh do i want to be found? yes i do

blow wind blow through the corridor you know
where we'd wait in line a short green time for counting games for tired minds
i know that i'm up against minds i know, too different to be friends

a week already gone
right now just feels so wrong
next time will be the one

blow wind blow through the hairs up on my neck,
as she is looking at me and i don't know how i should hold my head. my palm on face, i'm trying half to hide.
i'm out of place and breaking up outside
Track Name: Particle Tarn
all the pieces, all the pieces that i made, torn to tethers. who's gonna tell me what you said? way when it's dark again. i sawed the end i helped us find the wood

safe for never, say forever and succumb
slowly timber so the topples all you done
sow forest lots so far they're lost some thinking should have stopped the ruts

they swallow down the hollow sound
ghosts who fly for they cannot speak
ghosts i hope you never meet
i'm not afraid of ghosts not even particles
who do they think they are?

i'll see you when the start breathes in and we can go go go go go go go go
Track Name: Saythen Ways
i guess i'll learn about them
i guess i'll learn about the
i guess i'll learn about him
Track Name: Skying Why
skying why asunder if he longs
lying by the sleep of hey there sons
hey there goes a reason wrapped in, not machines but bolts from back then
skying why asunder if he longs

ask her if she knows the songs she used to
pretend it's not important when stops they walk through
Track Name: The Middle Fits
backseat the car
falling the star
something we are
if maybe works
crossing, crossing, crossing digits like knots we make

sunlight through hair
refelections you wear
the gone distance stare
for second thoughts
go back, go back, go back while there's more infront than behind

balance the steps
i'm akward be lets
something in my chest
i buried once
when i, when i, when i was making plans for us

he's dreaming i'm not
this far i've forgot
the perfect of what
before i had
nothing, nothing, nothing i should have swapped what i had

let her by i should've done
Track Name: The Two of Proof
is it more real if we both believe it?
Track Name: Waver Raced
feel it so racing in on the
tyres out burning outburning me
tried to sleep and it won't shake
and twice i've tried no so it's not a mistake
i guess they float cause they can swim
i've always wondered looking in... how done?
leaning to the mast i made
the wooden giant time that swayed
under, under, undertows
tested once we only shored
quiet is it's own reward
reaping through the leaping two unsung
Track Name: Comer House Heart
pick your moment now
pick your moment somehow
close your eyes reach my house
find me sitting where i've always been
find me dreaming about your skin
pick your moment now
before time runs out
i wish i could've stopped her
i would have maybe said
in twelve weeks i'll be over
in twelve weeks i'll be dead
her cutting into night times
heart cutting out at night times
tell me once did i ever mean anything