Skeleton Friends of Heaven

by coma emilio

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released May 11, 2012



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coma emilio Glasgow, UK

since 2002. or 2003. i can't remember and neither can you.

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Track Name: Wild of Kind Light
nothing makes me sadder than stop does
i want to be half there like fog 'cause
i'm already gone
i was once a place in the palace
if you see her tell her i miss nothing old today
if you see her tell her i miss nothing that she ever did kiss that might not be me

if this is a finish i need you to say as i'm sleeping
what we did do
one summer hiding from brothers who'd kill me
but lying's really worth dying for now just say
i don't know, you don't know, they don't know
medicine, medicine won't save me. one B D C

no one makes it lonely like you can
i swear i'm now a hollow-through man waiting for the wind
you'll need more than a compass to find me
this thing it stays it grows inside the hole you made in

hey alexander hay!
should alexander hate? we don't know
Track Name: I've Had All The Dreams, I'm Ready for Sleeping
i want no familiars here
no songs no sad no saints
we all will wound one day
maybe far away maybe that day
maybe right now maybe this sound maybe our ground
it's hell i found under the ground is south
under the ground is south under your nose does sleep your mouth
i think and sometimes i sleep

find nobody i knew
it's fine this mind not with anyone i know
hello parades today
when i go, now don't just sit round talking about how
the hell you've found away from grounded south
away from grounded south away from grounded south i swear it's never ever been this loud
i sleep and sometimes i breathe

every every
every never be
every want to see
every one of me
every coffin tree
every thought of sea
every promise we
every haunted he

this is god you know and you've got to go