Sodden Folly

by coma emilio

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    a (unsorted) collection of 2007




last one before the lock-in


released December 3, 1982



all rights reserved


coma emilio Glasgow, UK

since 2002. or 2003. i can't remember and neither can you.

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Track Name: Way to Fall
way to fall
let it be a lesson to me
way to fall
let it be a lesson to me
way to fall you did date
way to fall
let it be a lesson to me
way to fall
i've never seen your face but you are beautiful and i'm not
beautiful and i'm not
way to fall
let it be a lesson to me
way to fall
i swear i've seen your face and it is beautiful and i'm not
it's beautiful and i'm not.
Track Name: A Puddle Over Rubble
this is hardly the deep sea, a puddle over rubble and she just soaked me.
and i know when i step out.. the water still goes down towards the where, where it always will.
and i know (i) dont need to swim to help it move. i'm sure a shore is tempting when the sky is blued.
and i know there's no gold in seeing strings and dealing with the trouble that knowing brings.

it wasn't, it wasn't luck.

this is barely dawn '03. i'm not even sure where i started the plan i know that is full of holes and leaks.
i stared at my hands and my chest for weeks. and i know just how strange the current seems when it pulls you down and it makes you dream.
i let go, closed my eyes and slowly drank, thought about a past we never had and then i sank.
Track Name: An Absence of Night In an Idea In Flight
no work. no telephone calls. no bad dreams.
Track Name: Arrowby
if you can hear this then i must be dead
it' s easy to give up in a fold down bed
"osteoporosis all night long" is a good name for a song
i never thought my shins could feel so wrong
the heart shot down infected by
invisibles too small to spy
oh virus me this and take what you need
i always dreamt of an arrow on a horse and how i'd bleed
Track Name: Avan Glass
we are stood up and grateful
grateful for window touch
downhill? well there's a lakeful
i remember looking at it in the mud
my legs were heavy, walking
to where you are was slow
the sky was out of focus
but i knew where to go

a shout from left is father
it sounded like a question or a song
i wonder what he's after
and if he's been watching us for long

the glass relects a mirror
a mirror sat on jeans
i haven't felt this nervous
since a face i thought at first i hadn't seen
and where's the laughing going?
there's nothing funny here
'cause when my eyes are open
then closed you're still as near
Track Name: Castle of Steam
when i was only 16 there was a castle of steam, it wasn't safe for the weight
of horses, scabbards and guards. of apples, merlins and bards so i climbed over the gate
and just as me about to leap i felt a tug on my feet and hit the grass with my back
i came to and peered up a skirt, she knelt and said she was hurt i said by who but "in fact
the culprit is you" i froze and foolishly then i chose a way to make an escape
i said "please show me the ring, the one i gave you. i think my friend has one just the same"
and so she outstretched her arm and so i meant her no harm and tried to keep it quite tame
with her eyes on the gem i picked my spot and well then i fucking rattled her jaw
she fell and lay in a heap and how she looks fast asleep save for the blood on her frock
i put my shirt on her body just to keep her warm.
i checked her pockets for money then i rubbed her arm.
i've never climbed down a beanstalk..
Track Name: Cave Yourself
i've never dressed for weddings i'm going to find a cave
and assume that you both got married and for my whole life i'll stay head in the ground, deaf with a smile, blind and allowed to float for a while
i'll make a bed of branches and a door out of dinosaur bones and do what ever the man says who speaks to me when i'm alone and trying to sleep. but vessels he sinks and mine has a leak amongst other things
and let it be known by the time that you find me i'll be all bones with no hate inside me
Track Name: Cotter's Drop
there is a long list that we've just seen
of what done of where gone and who did scream
i'd forgot about the time we covered up that huge roadsign
add to the black book the houses we
emptied and left the scene on feet
we didn't steal we just messed up the lives of people born with luck

heaven help us live this down
heaven help us leave this town

i swear and i swear there was no plan
we met him just one night it got dark and
we thought it funny to revere before we donned our shining gear
we held hands and said once come play with us
he looked up and slipped up and went head first
through the window and fell so far. we didn't push him, honest.
Track Name: Doesn't Regard
it doesn't regard, it doesn't.
Track Name: Fall of Fog
tell me about the first time, tell me about the fall.
tell me about the fall of fog.
alison know he rows on (through)
Track Name: Frankenstein Don't Float
alvin he saved me from drowning in the lake.
see me and frankenstein were eating hotdogs as the sun was leaving.
sausages and water, sausages in water.
you've got some mustard on your water-wing..
splash it off you lanky tank, a towel i didn't bring
my bun got soggy, my bun got soggy.
is that a frog? it's a bun bun sog.
Track Name: Hey There Sun
i get to sleep by guessing my guts up.
hey there sun.
i want to feel that you've been a spark of
i want to feel that you've been a heart
i want know that you'd be so "never"
and that you're listening where you are
hey there sun
i get to sleep by thinking you're listening
i get to sleep by thinking of you.
i get to sleep by thinking you're listening
i get to sleep by thinking of things we might do
hey there sun
Track Name: I Actually Hope You Actually Die
if i was a rocket i'd take off
if i was a spaceship i'd get lost
if i was a bad dream i'd steal teeth
if i was a leader i'd hate sheep
if i was a captain i'd climb the mast
if i was a road movie i'd crash
if i was a triangle i'd roll
if i was a ghost i'd drink your soul

if i was a robot i'd need sleep
if i was a trilogy i'd weep
if i was a compass i'd trust sun
if i was a teenager i'd run
if i was a field i'd like no friends
if i was a hideout i'd love fence
if i was a punchbag i'd miss fist
if i was a blank page i'd be pissed

if i was a, i was a urn

and wait the hardest place you've got to be
sleep easy long safes because you'll want to see
something once at all again

if i was a tram i'd check the year
if i was a trier i'd choose not to hear
if i was a trend i'd say i'm not
if i was a mystery i'd what?
if i was a vampire i'd claim stakes
if i was a teacher i'd frame mistakes
Track Name: I and Four-Five
slow walk alone, AM in rain.
leave early, fuck her and this same feeling i get when i'm jumping ropes for others lying and misplacing hopes.
keep it a secret don't say what i said.
if you tell your friend i'll practice being dead.
a shot, my shot, our shot, our secret.
all i want to see....
Track Name: I Say We Do Nothing At All
i say we do nothing at all
you said it wouldn't change a thing
but you said you wouldn't change a thing
Track Name: Isoloceles
isoloceles, isoloceles
i sent to meet her, i sent to meet her
she didn't come, the angle was right but the numbers were wrong.
and i waited for summer. and i waited.
Track Name: It Goes "againKAPOWagain"
i rest my head on a little white bed
and underneath it is a trapdoor with everything i said
i was stung "i love this feeling"
i was stung "i hate your face"
i was stung "i do believe in"
i was stung and "it was great"

i rest my head on a little white bed
and underneath there is a ladder to everything i did
i was young, there'll be another
i was young and full of hope
i was young, of course recover
i was young, i didn't know.
Track Name: L.R
wrong day to be up early by the blue slide
it's morning but it's not light out
it was a 5 when i checked my watch before it died
he walked to say do parents know where son is
my daughter really loves this place
she's been before, she cut her knee, she says you know her

why can't we? we could be home soon
why can't we? you could be my son

he asked if i want to see her round the corner
she's sitting in the car right now
in the back you'll be up front it's all in black
my friends not here, if i move they might miss me
i'll scratch my two initials here
into wood so they know here i stood
Track Name: Lava Soon
you wear my shoes well
our sizes are not the same
do you know how i felt?
i do but i will not say
we had a good run until a ghost

you're on the same path
i'm not, these houses are real
you're on the same path
i know what isn't of steel
you had a good son until a ghost

in rooms we wait for ghosts to fix our days

you look like me now
just know i'm trying my best

you act like me now
just know there's holes in my chest

this "lava soon" is love
Track Name: Little Explosions
talking to the picture he really yes he really is.
talking to the picture she's listening yes she really is
talking to the picture he's listening yes he really is
talking to the picture he stole, isn't really his

little explosions, little explosions stop my day.

looking at the picture she's listening yes she really is
looking at the picture she's listening yes she really is
looking at the picture she's smiling yes she really is
looking at the picture she's smiling yes she really is

little explosions, little explosions block my way
Track Name: Oh Aye Are You (A Wee Ghostie)
oh aye, are you?
went way looking for a way out
not by cabin, not by lake
we're still here
Track Name: Oh, Red Then
it's got to be lying.
this a house of glass.
seemed good at my end
so convinced it'd last.
but luck came the rug sweep
and the curtains closed
it's daytime i must sleep
till the streetlight glows
tell if they ask for
that i will miss
gones and could had mores
and the shock of this

there was a roadside
by a water steep
and lucky i did find
a hidden trail of feet
my guessing went way far
into fields of gold
and remember you i did
with the days you stole
but back in the real world
there's a problem here
the footprints go so far
then they disappear
Track Name: Parcel Sender
7th floor and i'm lost, where's my door? where's my boss?
woke up chewing papercups on my back, under ducts.
i remember, i remember i think i was friendly with parcel sender
i remember, i remember i think i was friendly with parcel sender
a man like me with all his teeth, with records gone and set to beat

wallet face there i am, staring back.. what a tan.
sick on tie what a smell. i guess i drank the whole well.
i remember, i remember they stopped and spoke about parcel sender
i remember, i remember they stopped and spoke about parcel sender
his van it screeched and chose to leak. and still computers they did speak.

a minutes silence? but i want sirens.

i have a letter. i kept it neat.
i filled a book, i wrote all week.
i would've sent a map, marked with a red cross
where i'd buried some treasure and deliberately lost
we'd both canoe into the sun
and hold our spades like they were guns.
Track Name: Poltera
i opened my window and climbed onto the branch
it was just like the one from "poltergeist" and so i took my chance
i'm not afraid of spectres, i'm not afraid of chairs
i'm not afraid of little girls in tv's, i don't care
the sky was black i sat there, wishing for the moon
then i felt the cold air, blowing hard in june
there's something at my shoulder
there's tapping at my shoulder now i look
sitting just behind me further up the tree
is a blonde 13 year old saying " i never saw 'three' ".
and i started laughing, i don't know why
but she looked so despondent i tried to apologise.
she climbed and said that one day, one day i'll be shook
before she vanished said i'll be too scared to look
so come did the next day, i got out of bed.
i had a dream about some tree talking i did.
but it wasn't too long before i was on the floor
shaking scared as my bed's against the door.
there's chairs up on the warbrdobe. there's chairs on top of chairs sat way up there
and then i heard a tapping, tapping on the glass
she's back at my window and it's her turn to laugh
she said... "let it be okay"
Track Name: Rosen Fort
he stopped by the bar way home hoping for a hold on
they recognised his face and said that you had left long ago and shaky stepping nervous feet would tread a little more until they meet
nothing outside now deserving a direction
blue into a black seems to be the only lesson
he'll learn if he looks long enough to see that times a going gone and changing we

but i'm not, i'm not, i'm not scared of nothing, nothing, nothing that's not there.

he remembers where it is he just wants to see it once more
the empty 2/3 twostep treading 'round the bare floor
he was thinking how and when they'll find, and trying to speak forgetting me is fine
so he knows what rolls was once not moving
it's hard not making mountains, mountains out of losing when it goes it goes and judge you won't, well at all or see the safe of home
Track Name: Said By The Book to The Letter and Left
i heard a scream i couldn't place until i saw just past the cabin an empty old looking car. so odd it seemed, i got a little closer and to the left shouts louder came from the well. i heard her.
so i looked down and two seconds i took to see her staring right back, sat down and hand on her brow. "thank god you found me, i thought i
would be stuck down here forever. please god can you get me out?"

"but how did you get down?"
"i tried to climb but found my legs were not that strong. i've been down her for too long"

"you see they broke as i fell from about twenty feet with only rocks breaking fall.
i came down for the silver ring that said we were supposed to marry but my dress
still hangs on the wall."
"okay i'll help, i used to do this thing.. my back would
lean against the wall and i'd climb with my legs.
"that's what i tried and look at me, so don't there's a rope in the back seat of the car so just go get"

i tied it to the back and threw down to her to catch.
then started my descent, my broken-legged friend

and then i'm afraid the rope it snapped, i twisted my legs and hurt my back.
i missed her by a foot or two, i fell the way the unathletic do.
she asked me if i was okay, i nodded as the rope did sway.
i said "i don't think i can move"
she said " well that's a shame for you"
she giggled, exhaled and then stood up. i looked at her and said "what the fuck?
i thought you were crippled and couldn't move"
she said " take a look at who's under you"
i pawed through rocks and found a mess of jackets, hair and tangled legs.

"you see kind sir, it'd diminish if i tried to all explain it. you should think something else"
i tried to stand and somehow grab her but i was just too much broken. so much nothing would respond.
she said goodbye and then i heard an engine approach and shortly after came down a rope.
look up i did as she began to climb and saw another lady dressed exactly the same.
she waved at me from side to side but really slowly and then they did start to sing.
Track Name: San Impasse
i bet myself i couldn't stop
i wouldn't start
it wouldn't hurt
he i
we i
Track Name: Sent In Place of Self a Shape
this wrong/road/rumbling i've felt before
all i said be afraid
be afraid of all you made
Track Name: Shed Alexander
i never knew that you learned his name
it's got more letters but we look the same
well i could change it for you if you want
i'd be his brother and we'd all get along
we could laugh and both turn our head
at the same time and you could scream in bed
our names and echo like we didn't know
who you were meaning to hit with hello

shed alexander and find me here
i will be waiting for you and i will forget, again.
Track Name: So Lode
ours to ask about and colour books so loud cause we listen, we listen for them.
some days when they come we try to show them what we done in the living, look it's our living.
and it's getting easier despite the gaps in being here. and it's getting easier, it calls calls calls.

it must have been your voice in the crackled noise, we were sleeping. sleeping off something
we'd put it down as dreaming and the eyes-closed inbetweening of nothing, of nothing at all
learn we did to ignore it and double bunk ceiling star kids we are and be. we are and be.

stay high-side every night
and blanket spies will get a fright
when radio diode bright
green means more than just a light
Track Name: Some Rivers Rust
i swear she's made of steel, there's rivets in her heel
there's circuits in her hair but still her face looks real
i'd be surprised if she's needed lies to make it 26
she's never been in love, she's been in storage but
time spent with sisters all straight-lined and waiting for the van full of arms to reach these parts and for dad to open doors. i met her first at school then later me the fool. i wasn't looking and brakes are a flimsy tool. i got a shock when i hit her back and her bike slid under wheels

i feel it like it's always been asleep and part of me

i ran and looked around there was a tiny crowd
gathered with open mouths looking at her on the ground it was a terrible fall and a spanners all i've got metal in the car. i ask if she can hear as stuff drips out her ear her eyes are flickering and then she pulls me near and says "help get me up i'll pay you enough to put me in the boot"
you're very heavy dear but still i'm willing dear
to pick you up from this and sit you in the rear
as long as there's road we'll stay afloat and keep the course straight-lined. because ashamed of tin i saved you once from them and now we're desert bound where i will i will stick you in a hole where i hope there's little scope for rivers to rust you
Track Name: Summer Like The Words
so stop and go i've heard the talk
my ears are sore just turn and walk
i might just blink if i believed
your stories told where you cant breathe
it's not a cliff it never was
but you're still scared of tiny falls
you're like your dad, a fucking waste
who made himself too hard to face
a lesson is a mistake fixed
you could've mended one of his
Track Name: Tailing Ren Tellin'
it's not a lamp and i must sound pathetic telling this
if he appears after dirt clears then he better fix my wrist
i broke it when i tried to get this kettle magical
it's been two days i've barely ate but i'll keep rubbing still
i don't want three it's not even me that needs a sorcerer
well that's a lie, but it's not i who really needs your help
it's little ren he was my friend and now he's disappeared

remind him where my house is there are people missing him
Track Name: The Parts We Meant as Two Were Left as Three The Leader Fought Off Death
i once told my children they were dead
and i was friends with devils that took them from their beds. this is hell you're living in and you were killed
at 8, at 9, at 13 years old don't cry you should be thrilled

because it means there is an afterlife
ours is in hell but we can put it right
if we keep together and shovel every night
we'll see your mother soon and things will be alright

i've tried to be good but.. i can't i can't i can't

i know this looks like the garden that we always had
and i know this looks like the body of who mum said was dad. in hell they sleep if they get caught lying and here we bury them because he tried my sons to trick you. he'll never try again.

and yes down here you can still see friends
stay up late and eat and play some games
in fact it's much the same as it was before
in fact dont say your dead outside this door
Track Name: The Racing Waits (Feat. A Ghost)
if the lights go down then the racing waits
oh the time my weight is on your back
i saw you wearing clothes i bought for you
Track Name: There Was Telling. I Was Tallest
i wanted to be someone to those eyes
i will remember the black dress dream i had last night
until i forget i can't remember.
so i'll sleep in time in time forever
in a comatose stone under resting with a secret 'love her'

watching the clock feeling sick as a dog in the sun
i'm noone not at all.

i hate the promise weight, i never can
carry it far it far enough to prove i am the man
that you'd run to and let save you
when lonely gets hard to wade through
because he knows where yours are buried
the unspoken and unhurried

are but two ways to the old secret place, cabin hill.
know i will never be he.

sad but so says, it'll never be enough
i will never be in love
Track Name: They Wouldn't Believe It If They Saw You
they wouldn't believe if they saw you
they wouldn't believe it if they saw at all once (with me)

i didn't believe it when i saw you
i didn't believe it it when i saw you at all once (with me)
Track Name: This Is The Background, This Is The Sea
a sigh, a ray
not ready
Track Name: Wells Better
if you're going to follow him, don't move the papertrail that he laid because if used properly the rules are asleep and she is awake
there is a book he found that told him ingredients and showed him the steps that he could climb if he was holding something that was golden around her neck

into the woods he went and not coming out without a cure. it's been about 2 whole months but there is a way back, of it i'm sure. i know if i think the wheels are broken there's little help in hoping to steer
but four nights i'll keep them open and nothing will be spoken to hear

i went to sleep, it wasn't real
i was afraid how i would feel
when i came to the magic plan
seemed to have stopped halfway and
i got you back but not as i should
no lips on your face and eyes of wood

honey you know how it goes
i'm a man and you're a ghost
i don't think that we're supposed
to live like this and be morose
i loved you as of flesh and bone
but as you are i'm best alone
don't fly away or shake your head
but i think i liked you better dead
Track Name: Went Not North
you feel it sinking in your heart? i do
not yours but mine of course.
the dark i knew.. what is it back for?
am i supposed to blame you?

it never used to be like this, i know.
the mind he left without a kiss or note.
what is it mirror? am i supposed to change you?
what is it mirror? am i supposed to blame you?

got just breathing.
got me breathing.
got just breathing.
looking from oustide it'll be another night of quiets and besides.
Track Name: Window Room
the magic will go like boom
out of the window room
the one with feet side by side
then remembers start to vex
kept seperate joined-up heads
i wish i'd written more down
its easy not being
this far is wrong i won't get along
i want a room this way
Track Name: You as Drew
don't dare remember me, instead fill the memory
with times never told(me) that you spent way out there
it isn't amazing it isn't that sad to hate what you did and to miss what you had
i'll fall, fall, i'll fall first and all, all, unsaid words will find you and haunt you and hang from the walls
the ones that you look at and picture-frame pause
the minutes we lived in, the minutes of sun
the second you realised was the second i was done
i'll fall, fall, i'll fall first
to see, see, see if it hurts
please riddle me down
Track Name: Where Us Tales To
so if you're feeling alone then i know a thing you can do.
it's kind of sketchy and scary and frowned upon by men who give their life to the siren and dilligently adhere
to boundaries laid by shirt/tie men who like to drink weak beer. so what you need is a goat and a machete, sabre or saw. you drag it down to the station and sweet pandemonium cause. it's best not to flail around, it might get scared and move so tie it down. so strike and dont hold back, i hope your robes are white not black. once spilt read from the opus, chant verses scream and invoke then chorus:
"jesus loves you but satan wears your homemade badges in his lairs. one is honest the other trite, one is a liar one is the light"
Track Name: Shed Alexander (Also Ran Incarnate)
i never knew that you learned his name
it's got more letters but we look the same
well i could change it for you if you want
i'd be his brother and we'd all get along
we could laugh and both turn our head
at the same time and you could scream in bed
our names and echo like we didn't know
who you were meaning to hit with hello

shed alexander and find me here
i will be waiting for you and i will forget your name